Wish ­Granting Program

The Wish Granting Program is the primary program of the Maüa Association, and serves to fulfill the wishes of children or teenagers who are suffering from rare diseases affecting their overall health in Africa, especially Tanzania. The purpose of the wish­ granting program is to allow the children and teens to have a project, think about something other than illness and better manage their treatment.

It is a real breath of fresh air, a moment of escape and break the suffering and serve the purpose of providing the dreamer some peace of mind.

At Maüa Association, we are passionate about giving life to dreams and bring inspiration, comfort, and cure. Dreams can be as simple as sending gift packages to children, allow a child have a special day as a VIP, creating happy memories, meeting a personal hero—any request that provides support and compassion.

You can help by referring applicants, volunteering to help make dreams come true, or donating time or resources to Maüa Association.



Flower Program

Maüa Association’s Flower Program is a volunteer­driven program that delivers beautiful bouquets.

Volunteers prepare dozens of arrangements using donated flowers and deliver them to hospitals.

Flower recipients also enjoy cards handmade by school children. Flower delivery referrals come from hospital centers, nurses, doctors, and other support organizations.

Flower Program ensures recipients know they are not alone, and their community cares, one flower at a time.

For more information, and for volunteer opportunities, please contact us at info@maua­-asc.org