How to help them?

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By leaving us a gift in your Will, you can help give seriously ill children and their families precious memories.

Legacy donations, big or small, help us keep providing families with happy memories at a time when they may otherwise be in short supply.

You can take care of your family and friends before you think about leaving us a donation in your Will. And there are a few different ways you can donate to us:

You can choose to leave a percentage of your estate – this is known as a residuary legacy
You can leave us a set amount – this is known as a pecuniary legacy. Bear in mind that due to inflation, the real value of pecuniary gifts may change over time
You can leave an item such as jewellery or property – this is known as a specific legacy.
Your solicitor will be able to give you more advice about the different types of gift. We would encourage you to discuss any plans to leave a legacy gift with your solicitor.

If you are including us in your Will, you will need our registered charity numbers, (Charity details)